Mattresses with pocket springs and independent:

What is a pocket spring mattress? How is it made? The mattress with independent and pocketed springs is made with 800 independent springs, coated springs that can reach 1600 springs, 2000 springs or 3000 springs. Generally, the latter is defined as pocketed micromole mattresses.

Why is the pocket spring mattress recommended?

It is easy to confuse the pocket spring mattress with the traditional spring mattress that is with the classic rigid orthopedic mattress but they are completely different.

Commonly called bagged springs, pocket springs or packaged springs, individually enclosed in a bag of technical fabric resistant to wear over time in quality mattresses, they are silent, protected and isolated, acting independently.

Main benefits of pocket spring mattresses:

The pocket spring mattresses gently support the body, adapting to its slightest movement. They are often in differentiated areas.

It is ideal for those who want to sleep on a supported mattress but with marked ergonomic features that lead it to adapt to the shape and movements of the body. It also relieves pressure by improving blood circulation.

The independent and pocket spring mattresses also have another benefit, they are much cooler than the memory mattresses (or better, of the foam mattresses in layers, like the memory mattresses).

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How many springs must the mattresses have?

Many factories offer mattresses with over 1500 springs or 1600 springs, but also 2000 and 3000 which proposes a mattress with 10,000 springs, real competition for those who have more springs. But are so many springs really necessary?

For example, many people ask us how many springs mattresses have but it gives each mattress a number of springs per square meter in the specifications as if to say the quality of a pocket spring mattress is not a numeric fact related to the number of springs, but it is the set of many elements.

The main thing is your mattress must have maximum breathability. Wool is breathable, anti-decubitus and does not retain moisture. But is the wool mattress warm? No, because it does not retain the heat, which flows away maintaining the constant mattress temperature.